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Duct Work

An integral part of our designing the Air Flow System for your home or business is the process of determining the necessary duct sizes and shapes (round or rectangular) and distribution lengths of the metal duct work to properly supply and exhaust air for your environmental comfort and health.

It is often common for a new home owner to have an expensive and normally energy efficient heating or cooling device installed in their home only to have its benefits negated by poorly designed and installed ductwork. The reduction in efficiency  and increase in operating cost can occur several ways:

-- Many 90 degree turns with no 'hollow-core' turning vanes to direct flow
-- Unsealed joints and connections that allow heated/cooled air to escape into walls/voids
-- Build up of dust that restricts flow and causes hideouts for bacteria and allergens
-- Excessive noise due to air striking flat surfaces and changing direction abruptly

The US Department of Energy writes:
"Achieving a comfortable, energy-efficient home requires a different approach to the traditional home-building process: a whole building approach. This perspective views the house as an integrated system with each component working together to achieve greater energy efficiency and comfort.."

* Reduce your energy consumption 25-40%.
* Cut your utility bill $160-320 per year.
* Improve your home air quality.
* Reduce safety concerns from pressure imbalances.

At Andrews Mechanical, Inc. we take the appropriate steps to determine the necessary ducting requirements of the project (residential, commercial, industrial). We then build the ducting in our modern, fully equipped sheet metal fabrication shop.

We have a complete selection of round and custom rectangular duct, fittings, transitions, reduced friction take-offs, expansion joints and associated parts. The proper design and use of correct components (duct size, fan size, etc) will save the homeowner money.

This is an example of the type of flow vanes used by
Andrews Mechanical, Inc.
to better direct the flowing air into an electronic
air cleaner.

(click to see larger image)


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