A Radiant heating system is defined as one in which heat is transmitted by radiation from a heated surface. A good example of radiant heat is direct heating by standing in the sunlight.

Radiant heating systems usually employ either electric-resistance wiring or hot-water heating pipes, which may embedded in the floor, ceiling, or walls. We at Andrews Mechanical, Inc. realize the benefit to approach an installation of this type with care in design. The products of Bell & Gossett for fluid transfer and of Rehau for containment and piping provide the highest efficiency and minimum environmental impact for year-round comfort in your home.

"REHAU’s radiant floor heating system works by circulating warm water through a network of cross-linked polyethylene (PEXa) pipes placed in the floor. The surface area of the floor gently radiates heat evenly and consistently throughout the room. A quiet, clean and highly economical heating application, radiant floor heating can be installed in existing or new homes with a variety of heat sources and floor coverings."

Panel heating is a form of radiant heating characterized by very large surfaces (typically an entire ceiling or floor) containing electrical conductors, hot-water pipes, or hot-air ducts. With many such systems there is no visible heating equipment in the room.

To adequately heat an industrial area or workshop, the products supplied by CoRayVac offer many solutions to the varied configurations required by commercial or industrial environments.
This is the CoRayVac "Low Intensity Continuous Infrared Heating System". These Natural Gas radiant heaters are quiet, inconspicuous, environmentally  conservative and esthetically pleasing, installed with the safety and comfort of the customer in mind.

At Andrews Mechanical, Inc., we have the capability to assess your radiant heating needs, have our experts install your choice and then follow-up with an exceptional support and service program.


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