The plumbers at Andrews Mechanical, Inc are available to assess, design, plan, estimate, and implement your new home plumbing and piping systems or for an improved system in your existing dwelling. If you are a commercial business owner/operator and need facilities added or customer amenities installed we will help you realize the customer friendly environment that will make them glad they visited you and will bring them back again.


We have a wide selection of plumbing technologies that will suit your needs
and improve the quality of your structure or residence.

-     Copper pipe Type L or K  (Type M wall too thin) REHAU
-     Iron pipe (Cast)
-     PVC   

Some important facts about why Andrews Mechanical, Inc uses PVC for home and business drain material rather than ABS plastic.

- PVC reduces water noise (PVC material more dense than ABS)
- PVC resists bowing and bending more than ABS
- PVC more chemically resistant than ABS
- PVC will not support combustion (burn on its own) - ABS burns freely
- PVC more impact resistant than ABS

"We use a combination of REHAU water pipe and copper Type K or L, to give you the best of both products". - Larry.


Once the plumbing is inside the walls and beneath the house, you will want to install the most functional and beautiful fixtures for your home. Please view these websites for ideas and information to help you make the best choice for Andrews Mechanical, Inc to install for you.
The Show House by MOEN displays images of the variety of ideas and applications for the bath and kitchen for today's modern homes. Have a look!



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