More of what Larry says: "The Installation Process is the one major step that makes the system what it is. We at Andrews Mechanical, Inc believe that the indoor coil (the ones in the furnace) should be in the factory case with the front panel conveniently positioned. This will make it easier for the panel to be removed in order to inspect, service and cleaning of the coils for any periodic maintenance. Our unique 'Clean-Out Port' System below the coils also makes this possible along with less expensive to inspect and clean.

The 'Return Boot' (section at the base of the furnace) that collects the air from the entire home is fitted with our Hollow Core Vanes that are used to turn or direct the air to more efficiently move air and lower the energy costs in doing it. It's also quieter inside your home!

We ensure the proper line size from the outdoor unit portion to the indoor unit of the A/C system. All lines are then purged with dry Nitrogen while the brazing is taking place to prevent the interior of the pipes from corroding or soot from forming. By preventing unnecessary contamination we extend the life of the compressor of the system by making it have less internal wear.

The completed, closed system is then pressure tested (keeps the freon in and the air out!) to 300 psi! Once this test is complete, the system is subjected to a deep vacuum test of over 29" of vacuum to ensure the system does not have residual contamination. Finally, your Air Conditioning system is charged to factory specifications and put in service.

These steps, while they seem tedious, are the insurance we use to provide you, our customer, with a long lasting, efficient, trouble free A/C system."


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